Use Your Power

I finally realized something late in my career: as you get more senior, influential, and are listened to….

You have power.

That concept was uncomfortable for me. It seemed presumptuous, egotistical. But, here’s what power can mean:   the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. 

You don’t need to be the most senior person in the organization to have power. You can have power at any level. So how do you use it? [Read more…]

What to Do when you &^%* up

Someone I mentor send out an SOS email….”I really need to talk to you.” She had been increasingly frustrated with her boss, and had talked to someone about it. Unfortunately, that person was pretty senior, so the next step was to escalate to HR.  Now what?

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The Thing You Need to Get Right as You Progress

As you progress in your career, and master certain key skills…what you need to be successful in the future changes. Yes, you’ll always have your attention to detail, problem solving and analytical skills….but you won’t find yourself using those in the same capacity as you become responsible for other people, head up departments, divisions. So what have I found to be helpful that no one tells you?

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Doing the Right Thing

So for those of you who have seen my lessons learned list, you know that this is my number one lesson learned. Because it doesn’t matter what else you do, if you don’t get this right…you’re going to run into problems. So why do so many people get this one wrong? [Read more…]

Rocks vs. Logs

I am one of those people who like to divide the world into two groups. One analogy I find helpful (which I attribute to Sun Tzu in the Art of War) is the rock vs log designation. What does that mean?

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You’ve probably heard in terms of leadership, all it takes is one “questionable” action for people to lose faith. It could be an ill timed comment ” I just want my life back” (BP CEO during the worst spill in history), a company’s reaction (Equifax’s small print where you give up your right to sue if you want to know whether or you were hacked)…there are all sorts of behaviors that can put you in the penalty box. [Read more…]